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Question 1:
Who played 2 the movie Reincarnation?
Harry Gordon
Harry Gordon
Joshua Michaell
Xiang Ting Li

Question 2: While ancient Greek philosophers like ________ and Socrates attempted to prove the existence of reincarnation through philosophical proofs, Jewish mystics who believed this idea did not.
Immanuel KantBertrand RussellAristotlePlato

Question 3: Heindel, Max, ________ (Part I, Chapter IV: Rebirth and the Law of Consequence), 1909, ISBN 0-911274-34-0
Absolute (philosophy)The Rosicrucian Cosmo-ConceptionPlane (esotericism)Rosicrucian Fellowship

Question 4: Hinduism; see also Reincarnation and Hinduism, ________, Karma in Hinduism, Atman (Hinduism) & Yoga
Buddhist philosophyHindu philosophyIndian philosophyAncient philosophy

Question 5: Buddhism suggests that ________, the process of rebirth, occurs across five or six realms of existence.

Question 6: A number of Evangelical and (in the USA) ________ Christian maintain that any phenomena suggestive of it are deceptions of the devil.

Question 7: The Third Eye by ________
Lobsang RampaEnglandThe Third Eye (book)James Randi

Question 8:
Who played 3 the movie Reincarnation?
Harry Gordon
Joshua Michaell
Xiang Ting Li
Arthur Bauer

Question 9: Some ________ groups suggest that mystics and poets in the Islamic tradition have celebrated this belief:
Moinuddin ChishtiTariqahDhikrSufism

Question 10: Skeptic ________ asked the Dalai Lama what would he do if a fundamental tenet of his religion (reincarnation) was definitively disproved by science.
Cosmos: A Personal VoyageCarl SaganCosmos (book)NASA

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