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Rehoboam: Quiz


Question 1: See: 10th century BC; ________; Shishaq Relief
ShishakAkkadian languageRamesses IIHebrew language

Question 2: [1] The people, led by ________, feared that Rehoboam would continue to tax them heavily - as had his father Solomon.

Question 3: [2] The realm Rehoboam was left with was called Judah, after the ________ that formed the largest part of the population.
IsraelitesTribe of EphraimTribe of JudahTribe of Benjamin

Question 4: The account of this invasion from the Egyptian perspective can be found in the Shishaq Relief at the Bubastis Portal near the Temple of Amun at ________.
Deir el-BahriRamesseumKarnakLuxor

Question 5: According to the ________, Rehoboam was forty-one years old when he ascended the throne, and he reigned for seventeen years.
Hebrew BibleTanakhOld TestamentDeuterocanonical books

Question 6: In the fifth year of Rehoboam's reign ________, king of Egypt, brought a huge army and took many cities.
Ramesses IIShishakHebrew languageAkkadian language


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