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Question 1: ________, Între Orient şi Occident. Ţările române la începutul epocii moderne, Humanitas, Bucharest, 1995
Ion AntonescuRomaniaNeagu DjuvaraRomanian Communist Party

Question 2: [61] ________, the capital of Wallachia, expanded from about 70,000 in 1831 to about 120,000 in 1859; Iaşi, the capital of Moldavia, followed at around half that number.

Question 3: [43] The final version of the document sanctioned the first local government abiding by the principles of separation and ________.
ConstitutionSeparation of powersUnited KingdomSeparation of powers under the United States Constitution

Question 4: Russian occupation over Moldavia and Wallachia (as well as the Bulgarian town of ________) was prolonged pending the payment of war reparations by the Ottomans.

Question 5: According to the historian ________, "The [boyar] oligarchy was appeased [by the Regulament's adoption]: a beautifully harmonious modern form had veiled the old medieval structure….
Nicolae IorgaAlexandru AverescuIon AntonescuGheorghe Tătărescu

Question 6: Conservative in its scope, it also engendered a period of unprecedented reforms which provided a setting for the ________ of local society.
United StatesItalyWesternisationFrance

Question 7: The ________ again brought the two countries under Russian military administration, inaugurated in 1853.
Russian Civil WarRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Great Northern WarCrimean War

Question 8: [21] Nevertheless, the ________ of late March 1848 was an abortive one, and led to the return of Russian troops on its soil.
Wallachian Revolution of 1848Moldavian Revolution of 1848Regulamentul OrganicMihail Kogălniceanu

Question 9: [52] Kiselyov himself voiced a plan for the region's ________ to Russia, but the request was dismissed by his superiors.

Question 10: The onset of a common Russian ________ which lasted until 1854, and itself in force until 1858, the document signified a partial confirmation of traditional government (including rule by the hospodars).
MoroccoProtectorateBritish EmpireFrance

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