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Regolith: Quiz


Question 1: It includes dust, soil, broken rock, and other related materials and is present on ________, the Moon, some asteroids, and other planets.

Question 2: The term was first defined by George P. Merrill in 1897 who stated, "In places this covering is made up of material originating through rock-weathering or plant growth ________.
In-situ conservationEarth scienceIn situBiology

Question 3: The idea of an ice-regolith complete with ________ and aeolian and/or sedimentary processes is new to Titan because of its thermodynamic environment.
DuneRiver deltaErosionMouth bar

Question 4: Loose blankets of ice grains were not considered to be regolith because when they appear on Earth in the form of ________ they behave differently than regolith, the grains melting and fusing with only small changes in pressure or temperature.
ThunderstormPrecipitation (meteorology)MeteorologySnow

Question 5: Some have argued that the term "________" is not correct in reference to the Moon because soil is defined as having organic content, whereas the Moon has none.
SoilClayWater wellLandslide

Question 6: The final images taken by the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft of the surface of ________ are the best images we have of an asteroidal regolith.
433 Eros7 Iris4 Vesta1036 Ganymed

Question 7: The ________ used a penetrometer on landing to characterize the mechanical properties of the local regolith.
Huygens probeTitan (moon)Galileo (spacecraft)Cassini–Huygens

Question 8: The regolith is the zone through which ________ are recharged and through which aquifer discharge occurs.
GroundwaterAquiferWater contentWater

Question 9: ________ is covered with vast expanses of sand and dust and its surface is littered with rocks and boulders.
Water on MarsDeimos (moon)MarsPhobos (moon)

Question 10: The origins of regolith on ________ are weathering and biological processes; if it contains a significant proportion of biological compounds it is more conventionally referred to as soil.


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