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Regions of New Zealand: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ is not in a region, although its council has some of the powers of a regional council under the Resource Management Act.
ChristchurchAucklandDunedinChatham Islands

Question 2: The region is the top tier of local government in ________.
NauruAustraliaNew ZealandUnited Kingdom

Question 3: [18] Councils may use a ________ or single transferable vote system.
Plurality voting systemProportional representationVoting systemInstant-runoff voting

Question 4: Realm of New Zealand
Regions of New ZealandHamilton, New ZealandChristchurchTerritorial authorities of New Zealand

Question 5: This anticipated the responsibilities of the ________.
New Zealand general election, 1984New ZealandResource Management Act 1991New Zealand general election, 1987

Question 6: [3] The Local Government Act 2002 also requires regional councils to promote ________ – the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of their communities.
Sustainable transportBiofuelSustainable energySustainable development

Question 7: Executive Council
Prime Minister (________)
Government of New Zealand
Jim BolgerRobert MuldoonJohn KeyJenny Shipley

Question 8: The geographic extent of the regions was based largely on ________, the regional boundaries being major drainage divides such as the Southern Alps.
Sediment transportRiver deltaDrainage basinDune

Question 9: Regional Councils have these specific functions under the ________.
Resource Management Act 1991New Zealand general election, 1984New ZealandNew Zealand general election, 1987

Question 10: An example is the Franklin District, which lies in both the ________ and the Waikato Region: in 2010 this district is scheduled to be dissolved and its extent divided between a new Auckland territorial authority and the Waikato District.
Marlborough RegionGisborne RegionAuckland RegionTasman Region


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