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Regional lockout: Quiz


Question 1: Comprehensive information on doing this can be found on the Internet; see the external links section of ________ for links.
United StatesCanadaUnited KingdomDVD region code

Question 2: One of the examples of this is the Windows version of ________, which uses Steam content delivery service to enforce the regional lockout.
Portal (video game)The Orange BoxHalf-Life (video game)Half-Life 2

Question 3: Amongst ________, regional lockout is more difficult to enforce because both the game application and the operating system can be easily modified.
Personal computer gameVideo gameVideo game genresAudio game

Question 4: The immediate successor to the Nintendo DS, the ________, is region-locked, but only in terms of its downloadable games.
Nintendo DSiWiiNintendo DS LiteNintendo DSi XL

Question 5: However, a number of games for the ________ have been confirmed as region free and will play on a unit from any region, although it is up to the publisher if a game is region free or not.
Xbox LiveXbox 360 launchXbox 360 hardwareXbox 360

Question 6: Most handheld video game systems, including all ________ and Nintendo DS systems (excluding the DSi), are made region free.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Boy Advance SPGame Boy ColorGame Boy Micro

Question 7: Regional lockout may actually promote ________ infringement, software cracking,modding, and product pirating as it may make the 'official' version of a product seem less desirable due to the restrictions placed on it.
Public domainIntellectual propertyCopyrightCopyright on typefaces

Question 8: Most commercially-released ________ have region encoding.
Video gameVideo game genresNonviolent video gamePersonal computer game

Question 9: Boot disks such as the Wii Freeloader for the Wii and the Utopia bootdisk for the ________ can be used to start foreign versions of games for the systems.
Mega DriveSegaDreamcastSega Saturn

Question 10: A number of ________ and Xbox 360 games which have multiple voice acting soundtracks recorded have been released region free.
Games for Windows – LiveXboxXbox LiveMicrosoft Game Studios

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