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Regional accents of English: Quiz


Question 1: "sing-song" pitch (somewhat reminiscent of those of ________).
American EnglishScouseWest Country dialectsWelsh English

Question 2: Accents heard in the west (Glasgow) are noticeably different from those spoken in the east (________).
CardiffEdinburghScotlandNew Town, Edinburgh

Question 3: This is also encountered in South African English, especially among ________ speakers.
Dutch languageEnglish languageAfrikaansZulu language

Question 4: There is no contrast between the vowels of caught and cot (________, as above); in addition, the short a of bat is more open than almost everywhere else in North America [æ̞ ~ a].
English-language vowel changes before historic rPhonological history of English low back vowelsEnglish languagePhonological history of English short A

Question 5: Non-rhoticity, like most varieties of ________.
Yorkshire dialectEnglish language in EnglandWest Country dialectsScouse

Question 6: Scottish English influence is most evident in the southern regions of New Zealand, notably ________.
AucklandDunedinChristchurchHamilton, New Zealand

Question 7: The accent of English spoken in ________ follows mainly British, with rather strong influence from Cantonese on the pronunciations of a few consonants and vowels, and sentence grammar and structure.
PhilippinesUnited StatesHong KongMacau

Question 8: Irish Travellers have a very distinct accent closely related to a rural ________.
American EnglishMid Ulster EnglishEnglish languageHiberno-English

Question 9: According to anecdote and stereotype, ________ tend to use Broad Australian more and to drawl, although this does not appear to have been verified by research, and General and Cultivated accents are also widespread in Queensland.
New South WalesNorthern TerritorySouth AustraliaQueensland

Question 10: This trend appears to be similar to the adoption of urban ________ accent and slang by suburban or urban white children in the US.
African American cultureGreat Migration (African American)African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)African American


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