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Regine Olsen: Quiz


Question 1: Even while immersing himself in his studies, Regine was always on his mind: "Not even here in ________ has my, alas, all-too-inventive brain been able to refrain from scheming something or other.

Question 2: Kierkegaard seems to have genuinely loved Regine but was unable to reconcile the prospect of marriage with his vocation as a writer and his passionate and introspective ________.
Christian denominationChristianityEcumenismBaptist

Question 3: The interviewers include Hanne Mourier, Raphael Meyer, Peter Munthe Brun, Robert Neiiendam, Julius Clausen, and ________.
Georg BrandesEuropeNorwayDenmark

Question 4: [5] The story of the engagement became a source of gossip in ________, with Kierkegaard's flippant dismissal and apparently cruel seduction of Regine becoming wildly exaggerated.

Question 5: When he absconded to ________ in 1842 to study philosophy, he was haunted by a woman who bore an uncanny resemblance to Regine.

Question 6: On a number of occasions in 1849, Regine and Kierkegaard crossed each other's paths, beginning with dispersing from church after ________, and later on the routes for afternoon walks both of them took.
ForceGeneral relativityClassical mechanicsMass

Question 7: ________, Kierkegaard's first book, is full of veiled references to his relationship with Regine.
Either/OrThe Sickness Unto DeathSøren KierkegaardRegine Olsen

Question 8: Regine was born on January 23, 1822, in Frederiksberg, a district of ________, Denmark.

Question 9: He began his seminarian studies, preached his first sermon, and wrote his ________ for his magister degree.
PortugalDoctorateThesis or dissertationProfessor

Question 10: Nor is there anything more harmful to a young girl than half-way situations."[11] It was during this time that Kierkegaard was formulating his own philosophy, as well as his first book, ________.
Either/OrThe Sickness Unto DeathRegine OlsenSøren Kierkegaard


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