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Regime: Quiz


Question 1: For instance, the ________ has one of the oldest regimes still active in the world, dating to the ratification of its Constitution in 1789.
CanadaPhilippinesAlaskaUnited States

Question 2: In scientific discussions, a regime is a class of physical conditions, usually parameterised by some specific ________, where a particular physical phenomenon or boundary condition is significant.
Metric systemMeasurementPlanck unitsUnited States customary units

Question 3: In politics, a regime is the ________: the set of rules, cultural or social norms, etc.
Form of governmentDemocracyMonarchyRepublic

Question 4: The region of measurable ________ space that corresponds to a regime is very often loosely defined.
Moment (mathematics)Probability distributionStatisticsParameter

Question 5: In ________ and hydrography, "regime" refers to the changing conditions of river beds and other features, such as systems of sandbars.
Physical geographyCartographyHuman geographyGeography

Question 6: Examples include "the ________ regime",[3] "the steady state regime"[4] or "the femtosecond regime".
Bose–Einstein condensateFermionic condensateSuperfluidPhase transition

Question 7: The word regime (occasionally spelled "régime") refers to a set of conditions, most often of a ________ nature.
PoliticsIdeologyPolitical philosophyPolitical party


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