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Question 1: She had originally been excommunicated (Regnans in Excelsis) by Pope Pius V for converting England to Protestantism after the reign of ________ (Bloody Mary).
Mary I of EnglandHenry VIII of EnglandElisabeth of France (1602–1644)Philip II of Spain

Question 2: 1895 Min of Joseon by three mercenary killers allegedly hired by Japanese minister to ________ Miura Goro
South KoreaKorean PeninsulaNorth KoreaKorea

Question 3: The bodies of the regicides Cromwell, Bradshaw and Ireton which had been buried in ________ were disinterred and hanged, drawn and quartered.
St Augustine's AbbeyEly CathedralWestminster AbbeyBath Abbey

Question 4: [2] In the middle of December, the King was moved from Windsor to ________.

Question 5: 1900 ________ by anarchist Gaetano Bresci.
Umberto I of ItalyKing of ItalyVictor Emmanuel III of ItalyHouse of Savoy

Question 6: In ________, the judicial penalty for regicides (i.e.
CanadaItalyFranceUnited Kingdom

Question 7: 1918 Nicholas II of Russia and the Imperial Family executed by a ________ firing squad under the command of Yakov Yurovsky.
Vladimir LeninRussian Social Democratic Labour PartyMenshevikBolshevik

Question 8: Two days later, the Council of Officers of the New Model Army voted that the King be moved from the ________, where he was prisoner, to Windsor "in order to the bringing of him speedily to justice".
Isle of WightSouthamptonReading, BerkshirePortsmouth

Question 9: 1908 Carlos I of Portugal by Alfredo Costa and Manuel Buiça, both connected to the Carbonária (the Portuguese section of the ________)
First French EmpireNapoleonic WarsCarbonariItalian unification

Question 10: ________ saw the overthrow of Charles I as a divine sign of the second coming of Jesus.
Fifth MonarchistsJohn Lambert (general)New Model ArmyOliver Cromwell

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