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Reggaeton: Quiz


Question 1: Reggaeton's predecessor originated in ________ as reggae en español.
Dominican RepublicCosta RicaNicaraguaPanama

Question 2: ________ was already getting some airplay in the U.S.
Tego Calderón discographyGame (rapper)Tego CalderónThe Underdog/El Subestimado

Question 3:
What format does Reggaeton follow?

Question 4:
Which of the following titles did Reggaeton have?
Dem Haters
Vi tuyen 17 ngay va dem
Throw Dem 3's
"Dem Bow "

Question 5: Some reggaeton artists, such as Alexis & Fido, are able to circumvent radio and television censorship by using sexual innuendo and lyrics with ________ in their music.
Double entendreFuckEuphemismCunt

Question 6: For example, the song ________ is often considered appropriate for children and has made it into the Reggaeton Niños series.
Lo Que Pasó, PasóRompeDaddy Yankee discographyGasolina

Question 7: Reggaeton started as an adaptation of Jamaican reggae (and later Jamaican ________) to the Spanish language and overall culture in Panama.
Dub musicDeejayingSound system (Jamaican)Dancehall

Question 8: Unlike hip hop music, however, a significant percent of reggaeton artists are also singers, may blend rapping and singing, and may also have a "street" image, similar to ________.
Akon discographyFreedom (Akon album)AkonSmack That

Question 9: Reggaeton is very popular in Latin American countries such as Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, ________ , Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Cuba, and Venezuela.
Buenos AiresChileArgentinaBrazil

Question 10: It first became popular in the song "Dem Bow" (They Bow) performed by Jamaican dancehall artist ________ in 1991.
Shabba RanksMr. LovermanReggaetonReggae

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