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Question 1: are outside their ________ of nationality or habitual residence;
EnglandCountryUnited KingdomScotland

Question 2: Muslim ethnic groups from Burma, the Rohingya and other ________ have been living in camps in Bangladesh since the 1990s [12] [13].
Mon peopleKaren peopleKhamtiRakhine people

Question 3: instituted a ________ allowing refuge to those travelers who manage to complete their journey, and the Cuban government have periodically allowed for mass migration by organizing leaving posts.
Cuban AmericanWet feet, dry feet policyLuis Posada CarrilesElian Gonzalez affair

Question 4: Furthermore, the small Mandaean and Yazidi communities are at the risk of elimination due to ethnic cleansing by ________ militants.
IslamMosqueMuslim historyIslamic schools and branches

Question 5: At present, the ________ is working towards resettling more than 60,000 of these refugees in the US as a third country settlement programme.
United StatesPhilippinesAlaskaCanada

Question 6: The most famous of these agreed migrations was the ________ of 1980.
Cuban exileElian Gonzalez affairCuban AmericanMariel boatlift

Question 7: All kinds of people, from university professors to bakers, have been targeted by militias, ________ and criminals.

Question 8: The plight of the ________ became an international humanitarian crisis.
VietnamCambodiaRefugeeBoat people

Question 9: Repeated waves of ________ swept Eastern Europe, propelling mass Jewish emigration (more than 2 million Russian Jews emigrated in the period 1881–1920).

Question 10: [15] On 11 February 1945, at the conclusion of the Yalta Conference, the United States and ________ signed a Repatriation Agreement with the USSR.
EnglandWalesCanadaUnited Kingdom

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