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Question 1: Such a refrain is featured in "________," which contains a refrain which is introduced by a different phrase in each verse, but which always ends:
La MarseillaiseThe Star-Spangled BannerGod Save the QueenNational anthem

Question 2: Sometimes refrains vary their words slightly when repeated; recognisability is given to the refrain by the fact that it is always sung to the same tune, and the ________, if present, are preserved despite the variations of the words.
English poetryPoetryRhymeFrench poetry

Question 3: This may include use of ________, reharmonization, tone color, or any other arranging device.
Baroque musicCounterpointFugueMusic

Question 4: Shout choruses often feature tutti or concerted writing, but may also use contrapuntal writing or call and response between the brass and ________, or between the ensemble and the drummer.
ClarinetTenor saxophoneSaxophoneChalumeau

Question 5: ________ uses this technique in her song "Golden":
Erykah BaduJill ScottCollaborations (Jill Scott album)George Benson

Question 6: Some songs, especially ________, incorporate refrains into each verse.
EnglandBallad18th centuryBallad opera

Question 7: This contrasts with the chorus of a typical modern pop song, which is very often more than just one repeated line, for example the ________ song "Believe" goes as follows:
I Found SomeoneI Got You BabeCher singles discographyCher

Question 8: In ________, a refrain has two parts: the lyrics of the song, and the melody.
Musical notationClassical musicMusic theoryMusic

Question 9: In jazz, a shout chorus is usually the last chorus of a ________ arrangement, and is characterized by being the most energetic, lively, and exciting and by containing the musical climax of the piece.
BebopDixielandBig bandSwing music

Question 10: Such a refrain is found in ________'s Troy Town:
Dante Gabriel RossettiChristina RossettiPre-Raphaelite BrotherhoodElizabeth Siddal

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