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Question 1: In general, the incident wave is partially refracted and partially reflected; the details of this behavior are described by the ________.
Fresnel equationsRefractive indexAnti-reflective coatingSpecular reflection

Question 2: Recently some ________ have been created which have a negative refractive index.
Metamaterial antennasPhotonic metamaterialsMetamaterialTerahertz metamaterials

Question 3: [4] Similar ________ effects are also found in the Earth's atmosphere.
AcousticsClassical mechanicsOpticsPhysics

Question 4: This is an important consideration for ________ from the surface because it will make the target fish appear to be in a different place, and the fisher must aim lower to catch the fish.
Fish aggregating deviceSpearfishingFishing netFishing techniques

Question 5: Understanding of this concept led to the ________ of lenses and the refracting telescope.
English inventions and discoveriesDutch inventions and discoveriesInventionFrench inventions and discoveries

Question 6: [1] Refraction is also responsible for ________ and for the splitting of white light into a rainbow-spectrum as it passes through a glass prism.
Physics in medieval IslamAstronomy in medieval IslamRainbowAlhazen

Question 7: The diagram on the right shows an example of refraction in ________.
Rip currentBreaking waveWind waveWave shoaling

Question 8: Its wavelength increases or decreases but its ________ remains constant.
OpticsSoundElectromagnetic radiationFrequency

Question 9: In optics, refraction occurs when ________ travel from a medium with a given refractive index to a medium with another at an angle.

Question 10: Refraction is the change in direction of a ________ due to a change in its speed.


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