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Reflection nebula: Quiz


Question 1: In 1922, Hubble published the result of his investigations on ________.
AstronomyOrion NebulaNebulaStar

Question 2: Reflection nebulae may also be the site of ________.
SupernovaWhite dwarfStar formationHerbig–Haro object

Question 3: The giant star ________, which is very red (spectral class M1), is surrounded by a large, red reflection nebula.
Iota1 ScorpiiBeta ScorpiiAntaresDelta Scorpii

Question 4: In ________, reflection nebulae are clouds of dust which are simply reflecting the light of a nearby star or stars.
AstrophysicsSunAstronomyTheoretical astronomy

Question 5: ________ distinguished between the emission and reflection nebulae in 1922.
Wilhelm WienEnrico FermiEdwin HubbleDouglas Hartree

Question 6: The energy from the nearby star, or stars, is insufficient to ionize the gas of the nebula to create an emission nebula, but is enough to give sufficient ________ to make the dust visible.
X-ray crystallographyPhotonLightScattering

Question 7: Thus, the ________ shown by reflection nebulae is similar to that of the illuminating stars.
TimbreFourier analysisFrequency spectrumMusical acoustics

Question 8: Reflection nebulae and emission nebulae are often seen together and are sometimes both referred to as ________.
NebulaStarOrion NebulaAstronomy

Question 9: Reflection nebulae are usually blue because the ________ is more efficient for blue light than red (this is the same scattering process that gives us blue skies and red sunsets).
PhotonX-ray crystallographyX-rayScattering


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