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Refectory: Quiz


Question 1: There is always at least one ________ with a lampada (oil lamp) kept burning in front of it.
IconByzantine EmpireByzantine IconoclasmHagia Sophia

Question 2: This usage is particularly prevalent in ________ buildings which use the takings to supplement their income.
Archbishop of CanterburyBishop of LincolnChurch of EnglandArchbishop of York

Question 3: In Eastern Orthodox monasteries, the Refectory (Greek: Trapeza) is considered to be a sacred place, and even in some cases is constructed as a full church with ________ and Iconostasis.
Altar clothAltarGospel (liturgy)Bishop

Question 4: That in the twelfth-century abbey at ________ had six windows, five feet wide by twenty feet high.
Saint-LôAvranchesGranville, MancheMont Saint-Michel

Question 5: All food served in the Trapeza should be blessed, and for that purpose, ________ is often kept in the kitchen.
Orthodox ChurchHoly waterBaptismSacramentals

Question 6: Benedictine models were generally laid out on an east-west axis, while ________ models lay north-south.
CarthusianCatholic religious orderTrappistsCistercians

Question 7: The ________ orders two meals.
Christian monasticismOrder of Saint BenedictRule of Saint BenedictBenedict of Nursia

Question 8: A refectory (also frater, frater house, fratery) is a dining room, especially in monasteries, ________ and academic institutions.
Private schoolBoarding schoolPublic school (privately funded)University-preparatory school

Question 9: In some monasteries, the Ceremony of Forgiveness at the beginning of ________ is performed in the Trapeza.
Good FridayGreat LentPentecostarionEaster

Question 10: It is derived from the Latin reficere: to remake or restore, via ________ refectorium, which means a place one goes to be restored.
Classical LatinMedieval LatinLate LatinVulgar Latin


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