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Question 1: These pathologies generate ________ strands that sever RBCs as they try to move past a thrombus.

Question 2: ________ takes advantage of this color change to directly measure the arterial blood oxygen saturation using colorimetric techniques.
Pulse oximetryHypoxia (medical)HemoglobinPulse oximeter

Question 3: Spherocytosis is a genetic disease that causes a defect in the red blood cell's ________, causing the red blood cells to be small, sphere-shaped, and fragile instead of donut-shaped and flexible.

Question 4: Red Gold, ________ site containing facts and history
Ion TelevisionPublic Broadcasting ServiceUnivisionUniversal Sports

Question 5: A typical ________ erythrocyte has a disk diameter of 6–8 µm and a thickness of 2 µm, being much smaller than most other human cells.
HomoHumanMindHuman evolution

Question 6: Erythrocytes can also produce ________, a signalling gas that acts to relax vessel walls.
Nitrous oxideNitric oxideHydrogen sulfideCarbon monoxide

Question 7: The red blood cells of an average adult human male store collectively about 2.5 grams of ________, representing about 65% of the total iron contained in the body.

Question 8: Some athletes have tried to improve their performance by ________: first about 1 litre of their blood is extracted, then the red blood cells are isolated, frozen and stored, to be reinjected shortly before the competition.
Doping at the 2007 Tour de FranceBlood dopingHemoglobinTour de France

Question 9: (In the ________, the liver is the main site of red blood cell production.) The production can be stimulated by the hormone erythropoietin (EPO), synthesised by the kidney.
FertilisationEmbryogenesisPrenatal developmentEmbryo

Question 10: In 1959, by use of ________, Dr.
Protein structureProteinAtomX-ray crystallography


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