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Question 1: Inspired by the ________ leader Tecumseh and angered by the unrestrained encroachment of white culture, Red Sticks went to war against their own people.

Question 2: Led by William Weatherford, Menawa, and Peter McQueen, the war resulted in the loss of half of the traditional Creek territory and another migration of Creeks into the ________ Seminole territory.
North CarolinaFloridaMassachusettsNew Jersey

Question 3: This faction of Creeks aggressively supported traditional views of Creek society such as ________ and communal land.
HuntingGray WolfRaccoonRed Fox

Question 4: The term "red sticks" is derived from the red-colored war clubs and the alleged magical red sticks used by Creek ________.
PolytheismMircea EliadeShamanismReligion

Question 5: Red Sticks is the English term for a traditionalist faction of Creek Indians who led a resistance movement which culminated in the outbreak of the ________ in 1813.
Fort Mims massacreMuscogee (Creek)Creek WarAndrew Jackson

Question 6: They would kill ________, destroy farming equipment, and burn crops.
CattleList of domesticated animalsDromedaryDomestication


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