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Question 1: The vote 186,650 to 126,296 was noted as “the largest majority ever given to a ________ candidate” [30].
AustraliaGovernorCanadaUnited States

Question 2: As a result of a national political compromise, President ________ ordered the removal of Federal troops from the state on April 3, 1877.
Warren G. HardingWilliam McKinleyRutherford B. HayesJohn W. Bricker

Question 3: The Election Day Democratic victory was followed by a large celebration on November 15th organized by ________ to commemorate “white supremacy and rescuing the state from Negro-rule.”
Gideon WellesFranklin D. RooseveltJosephus DanielsTheodore Roosevelt

Question 4: The Red Shirts or Redshirts of the ________ were white paramilitary groups in the 19th century, active primarily after formal Reconstruction.
New EnglandNortheastern United StatesMidwestern United StatesSouthern United States

Question 5: The ________ members use the Red Shirt to express neo-secessionist politics.
Constitution Party (United States)League of the SouthClyde N. WilsonLega Nord

Question 6: In 2006, a group calling itself the Red Shirts urged members to march at the South Carolina state capital to protest the NAACP and state observance of ________.
Martin Luther King, Jr.Coretta Scott KingMartin Luther King, Jr., National Historic SiteMartin Luther King, Jr. Day

Question 7: At this rally, one of the prominent South Carolina Red Shirts leader, ________, gave a speech that would be followed by a plethora of Red Shirt activities in the state of North Carolina [10].
Robert Y. HayneWade Hampton IIIStrom ThurmondBenjamin Tillman

Question 8: In the ________ counties of Aiken, Edgefield, Barnwell and others, freedmen were driven from their homes and whipped, and some leaders were murdered.
LombardyItalyAosta ValleyPiedmont

Question 9: Their website includes a statement of purpose taken from ________' announcement of secession in 1861.
J. Donald CameronJefferson DavisZachary TaylorAbraham Lincoln

Question 10: Future South Carolina Democratic politicians such as Ben Tillman and Ellison Smith, proudly claimed their association with the Red Shirts as a bona fide for ________.
RacismRacial segregationWhite supremacySupremacism


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