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Red Sea rig: Quiz


Question 1: Although coloured bow ties are often (incorrectly) worn with ________ attire, this is never the case with proper Red Sea rig.
Black tieSuit (clothing)Morning dressWhite tie

Question 2: Red Sea rig was originally a Royal Navy concept appearing circa ________.
January 111800January 1March 4

Question 3: It is now widely worn by many military and civilian organisations and is often the dress code of choice for dinner parties in British expatriate communities in the Middle East and ________[3].
Far EastEast AsiaAsiaSoutheast Asia

Question 4: Because of its obvious practicality, Red Sea rig was adopted into civilian life, first by British diplomats in the Red Sea town of ________, and later by the local British Business Group[2].
JeddahSaudi ArabiaRiyadhMecca

Question 5: The sole exception was in the ________, where the heat and humidity often made this physically impossible.
Indian OceanMediterranean SeaArctic OceanRed Sea

Question 6: Decorations, even in miniature, are not normally worn with Red Sea rig, although ________ miniature ribbons are[4].


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