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Red Harvest: Quiz


Question 1: Red Harvest was adapted for the 1930 film Roadhouse Nights, starring ________.
Jack BennyDonald O'ConnorJimmy DuranteCarroll O'Connor

Question 2: A number of films have been specifically based on Yojimbo, including Sergio Leone's ________ and Walter Hill's Last Man Standing.
The Good, the Bad and the UglyA Fistful of DollarsIl Colosso di RodiFor a Few Dollars More

Question 3: Science-fiction writer ________ has said that he took the plot of his novel The Sharp End from Red Harvest.
Baen BooksDavid DrakeJim BaenDavid Weber

Question 4: Red Harvest (1929) is a novel by ________.
Nick & NoraUnited StatesDetective fictionDashiell Hammett

Question 5: [2] Kurosawa himself stated that a major source for the plot was the ________ classic The Glass Key (1942), an adaption of Hammett's 1931 novel of the same name.
RKO PicturesFilm noirHumphrey BogartB movie

Question 6: Hammett based the story on his own experiences in ________ as a Pinkerton agent.
Butte, MontanaHelena, MontanaMissoula, MontanaBozeman, Montana

Question 7: ________ reviewed Steven Brust's novel Jhegaala as Steve Brust doing Hammett's Red Harvest.
Science fictionCyberpunkCory DoctorowKarl Schroeder

Question 8: The ________ film Miller's Crossing (1990) contains stylistic and narrative elements of Hammett's The Glass Key, Red Harvest and several of Hammett's shorter works.
Barton FinkCoen brothersO Brother, Where Art Thou?No Country for Old Men (film)


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