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Red Fox: Quiz


Question 1: Feral foxes in ________ pose a serious conservation problem.
BarbadosUnited KingdomCanadaAustralia

Question 2: Some historians argue that the fox came to symbolize the survival strategies of European peasantry from the Medieval period to the ________.
French RevolutionNational Constituent AssemblyNational ConventionFrench Directory

Question 3:
Who played Archie Carpenter the movie Red Fox?
Didier Flamand
John Hurt
Brian Cox
John Hurt

Question 4:
What phylum does Red Fox belong to?

Question 5: Today, the red fox has a range spanning most of North America and Eurasia, southern ________, and with several populations in North Africa.
BarbadosUnited KingdomAustraliaCanada

Question 6: Females have an annual ________ period of between 1 and 6 days; ovulation is spontaneous.
PubertyMenopauseEstrous cycleMenstrual cycle

Question 7: The red fox is by far the most widespread and abundant species of fox, found in almost every single habitat in the Northern Hemisphere, from the coastal marshes of United States, to the alpine tundras of ________.
Tibetan PlateauGobi DesertHimalayasTaklamakan Desert

Question 8:
Who played Paul De Vigny the movie Red Fox?
Didier Flamand
John Hurt
François Négret
Didier Flamand

Question 9:
What is the binomial authority of Red Fox?
Linnaeus, 1758
Thomas, 1889

Question 10: The majority of their diet consists of invertebrates, such as insects, mollusks, earthworms and ________.


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