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Question 1: The Big Sandy and Little Sandy Rivers northeast of ________ where large volumes of sand accumulated on their banks during glacial melting from the Wind River Mountains.
Rock Springs, WyomingCheyenne, WyomingCasper, WyomingGreen River, Wyoming

Question 2: The region is rich in oil, natural gas, uranium, ________ and trona.
CoalHydroelectricityWind powerGrid energy storage

Question 3: ________, nearly a half century later in 1956, replaced the Lincoln Highway as America's premier continental roadway.
Interstate 76 (east)Interstate 80Interstate 79Interstate Highway System

Question 4: [7] The $4 billion project targets a route east from Flaming Gorge Reservoir across the Red Desert to Laramie and then south to the ________ Front Range.

Question 5: The former produced today's highly-valued mineral trona, while the latter created coal-bed methane gas, ________, and the world's largest known oil-shale deposit.
HydroelectricityCoalWind powerGrid energy storage

Question 6: The ________ branches to the desert's northwest and rejoins in the southeast, creating the Great Divide Basin from which no surface water drains.
MexicoContinental Divide of the AmericasRocky MountainsMexico City

Question 7: [3] Energy sources have made the region the epicenter of today's ________ boom in Wyoming.
Energy developmentPetroleumNatural gasCoal

Question 8: Today, busy ________ bisects the desert's southern region while a spider web of gas field roads probe the farthest reaches of the desert.
Interstate Highway SystemInterstate 80Interstate 79Interstate 76 (east)

Question 9: In the 19th century, the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails tracked through the northern and western regions of the Red Desert after crossing the ________ at South Pass.
Continental Divide of the AmericasMexicoRocky MountainsMexico City

Question 10: Beginning in 1913, the ________ connected them.
New JerseyUnited StatesLincoln HighwaySacramento, California


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