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Recumbent bicycle: Quiz


Question 1: The UCI no longer considers the bike ________ rode for his 1996 record to be in compliance with its definition of an upright bicycle.
Miguel IndurainTour de FranceEddy MerckxChris Boardman

Question 2: Most recumbent riders choose this type of design for ________ reasons; the rider’s weight is distributed comfortably over several square feet of the back and buttocks.
Occupational safety and healthSexual harassmentFlextimeErgonomics

Question 3: Highracers are generally more maneuverable than lowracers since their higher center of gravity allows stability at lower speeds (see ________).
Bicycle and motorcycle dynamicsTireForceClassical mechanics

Question 4: A recumbent bicycle is a ________ that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position.
UnicycleBicycleBicycle trailerTandem bicycle

Question 5: ________ recumbent motobike equivalent.
Wilkinson SwordQuasar (motorcycle)Feet forwards motorcycleCabin cycle

Question 6: In 2009 Team RANS won the ________ (RAAM) on recumbents.
Race Across AmericaSan FranciscoSan DiegoUnited States

Question 7: A variant with three wheels is a recumbent ________ or recumbent trike.
Freight bicycleTricycleCycle rickshawBicycle

Question 8: The most common arrangement is probably an ISO 559 rear wheel and an ISO 406 (20-________) front wheel.
United States customary unitsInchYardFoot (length)

Question 9: The IHPVA ________ is 87.123 km (54.136 miles), set by Damjan Zabovnik on July 12, 2008.
Track cyclingHour recordEddy MerckxCycling records

Question 10: Some riders fit their bikes with ________ devices called fairings.
AerodynamicsFluid dynamicsNavier–Stokes equationsBernoulli's principle

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