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Question 1: The rectum (from the Latin rectum intestinum, meaning straight intestine) is the final straight portion of the ________ in some mammals, and the gut in others, terminating in the anus.
Colon (anatomy)Large intestineSmall intestineVermiform appendix

Question 2:
What artery is in the Rectum?
superior rectal artery , middle rectal artery
middle cerebral artery
Superior vesical arteryInferior vesical artery
anterior communicating artery

Question 3:

Question 4: Due to the proximity of the anterior wall of the rectum to the vagina in females or to the ________ in males and the shared nerves thereof, rectal stimulation or penetration can result in sexual arousal.
Reproductive systemPenisSeminal vesicleProstate

Question 5: The endoscopic procedures colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy are performed to diagnose diseases such as ________.

Question 6: Rectal ________ can be taken by inserting a medical thermometer not more than 25 mm (1 inch) into the rectum via the anus.
TemperatureWater vaporLightningThermodynamic temperature

Question 7: As the rectal walls expand due to the materials filling it from within, stretch receptors from the ________ located in the rectal walls stimulate the desire to defecate.
Intracranial pressureAlzheimer's diseaseNervous systemSensory system

Question 8: Due to recent concerns related to ________, the use of mercury thermometers is outlawed.
Arsenic poisoningLead poisoningMercury poisoningFluoride poisoning

Question 9: Suppositories may be inserted into the rectum as a route of administration for ________.
PhysicianSpecialty (medicine)MedicineSurgery

Question 10: For further information on this aspect, see ________.
Sexual intercourseAnal–oral sexAnal sexOral sex

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