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Question 1: Computers are also used for playing ads, jingles, bumpers, soundbites, phone calls, sound effects, traffic and weather reports, and now full ________ when nobody is around.
Local insertionAudicomBroadcast automationBroadcast engineering

Question 2: Additional outside audio connections are required for the studio/transmitter link for ________ stations, satellite dishes for sending and receiving shows, and for webcasting or podcasting.
ATSC (standards)Broadcast television systemsSatellite televisionTerrestrial television

Question 3: Modern sound stages still sometimes use this approach for large ________ projects today.
Film scoreHans ZimmerJohn WilliamsFilm Score Monthly

Question 4: The use of different kinds of ________ and their placement around the studio was a crucial part of the recording process, and particular brands of microphone were used by engineers for their specific audio characteristics.
Sound cardHard disk driveMicrophoneCentral processing unit

Question 5: While Apple Macintosh is common for studio work, there is a breadth of software available for Microsoft Windows and ________.
LinuxGNUOpenSolarisSCO-Linux controversies

Question 6: Recording studios are carefully designed around the principles of room ________ to create a set of spaces with the acoustical properties required for recording sound with precision and accuracy.
PhysicsAcousticsOpticsClassical mechanics

Question 7: General purpose computers have rapidly assumed a large role in the recording process, being able to replace the ________, recorders, synthesizers, samplers and sound effects devices.
Mixing consoleReverberationSound recording and reproductionDigital audio editor

Question 8: The phenomenon has flourished with falling prices of ________ equipment and accessories, as well as inexpensive digital hard-disk recording products.
Universal Serial BusBus (computing)EIA-422Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Question 9: Performers were typically grouped around a large acoustic horn (an enlarged version of the familiar ________ horn).
Audio formatPhonograph cylinderGramophone recordPhonograph

Question 10: Radio studios are very similar to recording studios, particularly in the case of production studios which are not normally used ________.
Television stationMass mediaBroadcastingBroadcast engineering


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