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Question 1: ________'s Dischord is often cited as a model of success in the DIY community, having survived for over twenty years with less than twelve employees at any one time.
Brendan CantyGuy PicciottoIan MacKayeFugazi

Question 2: Depending on the ideals of the net label, music files from the artists may be downloaded free of charge or for a fee that is paid via ________ or an online payment system.
EuroSkypePayPalPound sterling

Question 3: Most net labels acknowledge the ________ licensing system thus reserving certain rights for the artist.
CopyleftOpen-source softwareCreative Commons licensesCreative Commons

Question 4: Singers Dolly Parton, ________ and Prince, Public Enemy, among others, have gone this route.
Aimee Mann discographyAimee MannSave Me (Aimee Mann song)'Til Tuesday

Question 5: On the ________ scene, the DIY ethic encourages bands to self-publish and self-distribute.
Hardcore punkRock musicPunk rockPunk rock subgenres

Question 6: The ________ has increasingly been a way that some artists avoid costs and gain new audiences, as well as the use of videos in some cases, to sell their products.
World Wide WebE-mailInternet Relay ChatInternet

Question 7: ________ (Sony acquires 100% of BMG)
Sony Music EntertainmentSony BMGColumbia RecordsEpic Records

Question 8: There are many independent labels; folk singer ________'s Righteous Babe Records is often cited as an ideal example.
Evolve (album)Ani DiFrancoTo the TeethLittle Plastic Castle

Question 9: A label typically enters into an exclusive ________ with an artist to market the artist's recordings in return for royalties on the selling price of the recordings.
NRJ Music AwardsRecording contractMusic publisher (popular music)Music industry

Question 10: One of the most notable and influential labels of the Do-It-Yourself attitude was ________, created by the band Black Flag.
Double Nickels on the DimeSST Records discographyMinutemen (band)SST Records

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