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Question 1: Meanwhile the Abbasids transferred the capital from Damascus to ________.

Question 2: The ________: Christians in Muslim-held lands.

Question 3: According to Ali ibn al-Athir, a Kurdish historian of the 12th century, ________ received the envoys of Sulayman al-Arabi, Husayn, and Abu Taur at the Diet of Paderborn in 777.
Louis the PiousLothair IAlboinCharlemagne

Question 4: The new Christian hierarchy demanded heavy taxes from non-Christians and gave them nominal rights, but only in heavily Islamic regions, such as ________.
Baza, GranadaIznalloz, GranadaBubiónGranada

Question 5: Their Converso descendants became victims of the Spanish and ________.
MarranoAntisemitismPortuguese InquisitionSephardi Jews

Question 6: The main strength of the Moorish army was absent; under the command of Al-Samh ibn Malik al-Khawlani, emir of Al-Andalus, it had crossed the ________ and overrun Septimania, located in southern France.
GeographyAlpsPyreneesGeographic information system

Question 7: The Berbers were the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa who had been recently converted to ________ and had provided the bulk of the manpower for the invading Islamic armies.
IslamMosqueIslamic schools and branchesMuslim history

Question 8: He is believed to have initiated diplomatic contacts with the kings of Pamplona and the ________, thereby gaining official recognition of his crown from the Pope and Charlemagne.
Louis the YoungerCharles the SimpleLouis the PiousCarolingian dynasty

Question 9: Ethnic tensions existed between the Berbers and the ________.
Palestinian peopleSyriaArab peopleIraq

Question 10: Some of them were crypto-Jews who kept practicing ________.
SamaritanIslam and JudaismKabbalahJudaism

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