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Question 1: ________
United States Army Criminal Investigation CommandFort BenningUnited States armed forcesUnited States Army Special Operations Command

Question 2: Spatial follows under the activities of ________ (SIGINT) and electronic surveillance (ELINT).
Inter-Services IntelligenceSignals intelligenceCentral Intelligence AgencyResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 3: Examples of reconnaissance include patrolling by troops (rangers, scouts, or military intelligence specialists), ships or submarines, manned/unmanned aircraft, satellites, or by setting up ________ observation posts.
SecrecyEspionageClassified informationIntelligence (information gathering)

Question 4: The units that provide distant reconnaissance (or known as "medium" reconnaissance) capabilities are usually organic to, or attached to regimental/________, division-level, corps-level commands.
Company (military unit)Division (military)BattalionBrigade

Question 5: In effect, these units are often replicate miniature ________ task forces (or battlegroups).
Military historyAerial warfareCombined armsInfantry

Question 6: Reconnaissance is generally a intelligence-gathering asset of human intelligence (HUMINT), under the intelligence cycle of ________.
Intelligence collection managementSignals intelligence operational platforms by nationUnmanned aerial vehicleIntelligence cycle management

Question 7: Ground reconnaissance may correlate to the coastal and maritime regions, a practice called ________, which is a conformity of reconnaissance to amphibious warfare.
Earl Hancock EllisDion WilliamsAmphibious reconnaissanceUnited States Marine Corps

Question 8: ________ emplacement), and the reserve elements of the enemy committed forces[9].
SiegeMilitary historyNaval warfareArtillery

Question 9: Reconnaissance (literately French "recognition" • from Middle French reconoissance; ________ reconoistre; "-to recognize"), is a military term denoting a preliminary survey; especially: an exploratory military survey (also scouting) conducted to gain, or collect information.
English languageOld FrenchLangues d'oïlRomance languages

Question 10: What does the following picture show?

  Soviet truck convoy deploying missiles near San Cristobal, Cuba, on Oct. 14, 1962. Taken by Maj. Steve Heyser's U-2, it was the first picture proving Soviet missiles were being emplaced in Cuba.
  Mixed reconnaissance patrol of the Polish Home Army and the Soviet Red Army Operation Tempest, 1944
  A52 Oste, a modern Oste class ELINT and reconnaissance ship, of the German Navy

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