Recoilless rifle: Quiz

Question 1: The last major use was the ________, which mounted six of the US 106 mm on a light (9 ton) tracked chassis first developed for use by the US Army airborne troops in 1950.
M50 OntosUnited States Marine CorpsM40 recoilless rifleRecoilless rifle

Question 2: The shredded plastic countermass is quickly slowed by ________ and is harmless at a distance more than a few feet from the breech.
Drag (physics)D'Alembert's paradoxDrag equationFluid dynamics

Question 3: Burney demonstrated the technique with a recoilless 4 gauge ________.
Combat shotgunShotgunUnited StatesFirearm

Question 4: When fired, however, instead of all the propellant blast following the projectile out the barrel, a large portion is allowed to escape to the rear, gaining a rearward directed ________ which is nearly equal to the forward momentum of the projectile.
ForceMomentumClassical mechanicsEnergy

Question 5: Technically, only devices that use a ________ barrel are recoilless rifles.
Cartridge (firearms)Internal ballisticsFirearmRifling

Question 6: The near complete lack of ________ allows some versions to be shoulder-fired, but the majority are mounted on light tripods and are intended to be easily carried by a soldier.

Question 7: A small number of these mounted on trucks saw combat in the ________.
Continuation WarEastern Front (World War II)Winter WarWorld War II

Question 8: The weapon was aimed via a spotting rifle, which fired ________ rounds whose trajectory matched that of the main weapon.
M1911 pistolM2 Browning machine gun.45 ACP.50 BMG

Question 9: His "Burney Gun" was developed to fire the Wallbuster shell against the ________ defences, but was not required in the D-Day landings of 1944.
Hobart's FunniesAtlantic WallOperation OverlordNormandy Landings

Question 10: They used them to great effect as an anti-personnel fire support vehicle during the ________.
Central Intelligence AgencyVietnam WarKorean WarCold War

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