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Reclaimed water: Quiz


Question 1: South East ________, Australia (planned for potable use as of late 2010) [48][49]
South AustraliaQueenslandNew South WalesNorthern Territory

Question 2: An experiment by the University of New South Wales reportedly showed a reverse osmosis system removed ethinylestradiol and ________ from the wastewater, even at 1000 times the expected concentration.

Question 3: Emerging disinfection technologies include ________, pulse arc electrohydrolic discharge, and bank filtration.
AcousticsUltrasoundLiverMedical ultrasonography

Question 4: It sometimes contains higher levels of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and oxygen which may somewhat help ________ plants when used for irrigation.

Question 5: Canberra, ________, Australia (proposed in January 2007 as a backup source of potable water)[51]
Australian Capital TerritoryNew South WalesNorthern TerritoryVictoria (Australia)

Question 6: Particularly worrisome are high levels of parasites such as giardia and ________ which are not killed by chlorination.
Toxoplasma gondiiCryptosporidiosisCyclospora cayetanensisCoccidia

Question 7: The soil could be used for growing vegetables, and the bioreactor also produces ________.
Electric chargeElectromagnetismElectric currentElectricity

Question 8: Modern technologies such as ________ may help to somewhat overcome this problem.
Drinking waterWater purificationReverse osmosisDesalination

Question 9: The first reclaimed water facility in ________ was built at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park in 1932.
CaliforniaLos AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaSacramento, California

Question 10: Wastewater reclamation can be especially important in relation to ________.
Space RaceIranian Space AgencySpace explorationHuman spaceflight


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