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Reciprocity (social psychology): Quiz


Question 1: Positive reciprocal actions differ from ________ actions as those only follow from other positive actions and they differ from social gift giving in that those are not actions taken with the hope or expectation of future positive responses.
ConscienceEastern philosophyAltruismVirtue

Question 2: Reciprocal actions are important to social psychology as they can help explain the maintenance of ________.
Deviance (sociology)Norm (sociology)SociologyCriminology

Question 3: In mathematics, game theory describes reciprocity as a highly effective ________ strategy for the iterated prisoner's dilemma.
Tit for tatGrim triggerEvolutionarily stable strategyChicken (game)

Question 4: In the animal world reciprocity exists in the social behaviour of ________.
GeladaCercopithecinaeBaboonHamadryas Baboon

Question 5: In ________ experiments, behavioral economists have demonstrated that the potential for reciprocal actions by players increases the rate of contribution to the public good, providing evidence for the importance of reciprocity in social situations.
Law and economicsEconomicsPublic goodMicroeconomics

Question 6: The punishing action may range from negative words to complete social ________.
Ostracism5th century BCAlcibiadesPericles


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