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Reciprocity (cultural anthropology): Quiz


Question 1: In ________ and sociology, reciprocity is a way of defining people's informal exchange of goods and labour; that is, people's informal economic systems.
Cultural anthropologyCultureLinguistic anthropologySocial anthropology

Question 2: These three kinds of reciprocity are the most basic forms of economic exchange; more complex exchange systems include redistribution and the ________.
MoneyMarketEconomicsFinancial economics

Question 3: Since virtually all humans live in some kind of society and have at least a few possessions, reciprocity is common to every ________.
SlaveryHuman rightsFamilyCulture

Question 4: Negative reciprocity includes what economists call ________.
BarterOpen economyGift economyAnarchist economics

Question 5: To many scholars, barter was the basis of all economies before the invention of ________.
MicroeconomicsMoneyEconomicsEconomic history

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