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Question 1: A country cannot be a ________ without first being a Rechtsstaat.
NeoliberalismLiberalismRadicalism (historical)Liberal democracy

Question 2: Rechtsstaat (German: Rechtsstaat) is a concept in continental European legal thinking, originally borrowed from German ________, which can be translated as "state of law", "state of justice", or "state of rights".
Immanuel KantJurisprudencePolitical philosophyJohn Rawls

Question 3: It is a "constitutional state" in which the exercise of governmental power is constrained by the ________,[1] and is often tied to the Anglo-American concept of the rule of law.
LawScots lawXeerSharia

Question 4: In a Rechtsstaat the citizens share legally based ________ and they can use the courts.
Immanuel KantCivil libertiesFree marketDemocracy

Question 5: In a Rechtsstaat, the power of the state is limited in order to protect ________ from the arbitrary exercise of authority.
CitizenshipLawAncient GreeceHonorary Canadian citizenship

Question 6: German writers usually place ________'s theories at the beginning of their accounts of the movement toward the Rechtsstaat.
Immanuel KantRené DescartesGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelDavid Hume


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