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Question 1: Several anxiolytics and hypnotics have a rebound effect: For example, benzodiazepine withdrawal can cause severe ________ and insomnia worse than the original insomnia or anxiety disorder.
HostilityMental confusionAnxietyEmotion

Question 2: Therefore, when a person has stopped taking the medication and is 'rebounding' from its effects, he or she may experience insomnia as a symptom of ________.
WithdrawalAddictionSocial anxiety disorderAnxiety disorder

Question 3: This phenomenon can also occur with regular use of anxiolytic drugs, such as ________.
GABA reuptake inhibitorPropofolBarbexacloneBenzodiazepine

Question 4: Regular use of these substances can cause a person to become dependent on its effects in order to fall asleep through the process of ________.
MemoryActive recallMemory consolidationClassical conditioning

Question 5: For example day time rebound effects of anxiety, metallic taste, perceptual disturbances which are typical benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms can occur the next day after a short acting ________ hypnotic wears off.
PropofolBarbexacloneBenzodiazepineGABA reuptake inhibitor

Question 6: An example is the use of highly potent ________, such as Clobetasol for psoriasis.
CorticosteroidMineralocorticoidGlucocorticoidSex steroid

Question 7: Rebound effects can also occur from stimulants such as methylphenidate or ________.

Question 8: Rebound insomnia is ________ that occurs following discontinuation of sedative substances taken to relieve primary insomnia.
InsomniaMajor depressive disorderBipolar disorderMood disorder

Question 9: Rebound effects can occur after discontinuation of alpha-2 adrenergic agents such as ________ and guanfacine.

Question 10: Rebound effects from these medications can include ________, depression and a return of ADHD symptoms but in a temporarily exaggerated form.
PsychosisEating disordersPsychiatryMajor depressive disorder

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