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Rebecca West: Quiz


Question 1: A whole generation of writers abandoned West and refused to read her, as ________ suggested.
Italo CalvinoDoris LessingHarold PinterSalman Rushdie

Question 2: She also went to South Africa in 1960 to report on ________ in a series of articles for the Sunday Times.
Jim Crow lawsRacial segregationRacismSouth Africa under apartheid

Question 3: Even into her late 70s, she visited ________, Venice, Monte Carlo, and always went back to the United States.

Question 4: She reviewed books for ________, the New York Herald Tribune, the Sunday Telegraph, and the New Republic, and she was a correspondent for The Bookman.
The Sun (newspaper)Rupert MurdochThe TimesThe Sunday Times

Question 5: West considered herself a ________ but she was an unconventional believer.
Christian denominationChristianityEcumenismBaptist

Question 6: When ________ visited Britain in 1924 after seeing Bolshevik violence firsthand, West was exasperated that British intellectuals ignored Goldman's testimony and her warning against Bolshevik tyranny.
Emma GoldmanLibertarian socialismAlexander BerkmanAnarchism

Question 7: [24] She was outraged when the Allies decided to back the Communist-led Partisans led by Tito in Yugoslavia, instead of the ________ of Draža Mihailović, whom she considered the legitimate Yugoslav resistance.
Serbian war crimesSerbiaChetniksBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 8: But she spoke out against domination of the Labour Party by British trade unions, and thought leftwing politicians such as ________ unimpressive.
Michael FootLabour Party (UK)Harold WilsonClement Attlee

Question 9: [25] After the war, West's anti-Communism hardened as she saw Poland, ________, Hungary, and other Eastern and Central European states succumb to Soviet domination.
Czechoslovak Socialist RepublicCzech RepublicCzechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)Czechoslovakia

Question 10: [13] She died on 15 March 1983 and is buried at ________, Woking.
Bishopwearmouth CemeteryArnos Vale CemeteryBrookwood CemeteryHamilton Road Cemetery, Deal, Kent.

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