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Rear flank downdraft: Quiz


Question 1: The rear flank downdraft or RFD is a region of dry air wrapping around the back of a mesocyclone in a ________ thunderstorm.
TornadoSupercellConvective storm detectionCumulonimbus cloud

Question 2: These areas of descending air are thought to be essential in the production of many supercellular ________.
MeteorologyThunderstormTornadoSevere weather

Question 3: Vertical ________ perturbations are generated by the buildup of pressure due to the vertical buoyancy, creating a pressure perturbation gradient.
TemperatureForcePressurePressure measurement

Question 4: Large ________ within the rear flank downdraft often shows up brightly as a hook on weather radar images, producing the characteristic hook echo, which often indicates the presence of a tornado.
ThunderstormRainPrecipitation (meteorology)Hail


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