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Realm of New Zealand: Quiz


Question 1: the North Island, ________ and neighbouring coastal islands, all contained within the 16 regions of New Zealand
ChristchurchDunedinNelson, New ZealandSouth Island

Question 2: Realm of New Zealand
Territorial authorities of New ZealandRegions of New ZealandChristchurchHamilton, New Zealand

Question 3: The Governor-General of New Zealand represents the head of state (Elizabeth II, in her capacity as ________) in the area of the Realm.
Monarchy of AustraliaConstitution of New ZealandMonarchy of CanadaMonarchy of New Zealand

Question 4: Essentially, Governors-General take on all the dignities and ________ of the head of state.
Reserve powerCommonwealth realmCanadaGermany

Question 5: Should New Zealand become a republic it will retain the Ross Dependency and Tokelau as ________ and the Realm of New Zealand would continue to exist without New Zealand, the Ross Dependency and Tokelau[6].
Autonomous areaColonyDependent territoryMunicipality

Question 6: In the Cook Islands and Niue the New Zealand ________ is the diplomatic representative from New Zealand.
FranceSingaporeDecolonizationHigh Commissioner

Question 7: As of 2006 the Governor-General is Sir ________.
Catherine TizardSilvia CartwrightAnand SatyanandKeith Holyoake

Question 8: [3] The Governor-General of New Zealand is also the ________ of the Ross Dependency.
United StatesCanadaGovernorAustralia

Question 9: The Ross Dependency includes ________, operated by the United States.
Vostok StationAmundsen-Scott South Pole StationScott BaseMcMurdo Station

Question 10: The ________ is not empowered to unilaterally pass legislation in respect of these countries.
Parliament of New ZealandPolitics of New ZealandConstitution of New ZealandSupreme Court of New Zealand


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