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Question 1: In economics, nominal values are the face value of ________ over long periods of time (years), whereas real values have been corrected for inflation.
CoinISO 4217CyprusCurrency

Question 2: Only counting can yield an accurate and reproducible real value; see ________ for an explanation.

Question 3: In various subfields of ________, a nominal value is one for which the "name" for the value is close to, but not the same as, the actual value.
Electrical engineeringEngineeringCivil engineeringMechanical engineering

Question 4: In general, electrical devices are designed to work with one nominal voltage, which represents a band of possible actual voltages, ________ and AC waveform shapes.
TransformerCapacitorPower factorSwitched-mode power supply

Question 5: For example, a ________ is designed to deliver its nominal pressure and flow while operating at its nominal speed and power.
Gas compressorTurbineBernoulli's principlePump

Question 6: When measurement is involved, the real value often has the characteristics of an ________.
Irrational numberTranscendental numberComplex numberReal number

Question 7: Mains electricity is nominally 220 V in the ________, but is allowed to vary ±10%.
European UnionEuropean ParliamentDenmarkGermany

Question 8: NiMH and ________ rechargeable batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.5 V, but actually supply 1.25 V at most.
Nickel-cadmium batteryLithium-ion batteryBattery (electricity)Nickel-metal hydride battery


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