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Real property: Quiz


Question 1: By contrast the rights of a ________ originate in personal actions and so the common law originally treated a leasehold as part of personal property.
EasementLeasehold estateCondominiumAllodial title

Question 2: Real property and personal property are the main classifications of property in the ________.
Reception statuteShariaCommon lawCivil law (legal system)

Question 3: ________ enjoyed by tenants under the various estates.
PropertyLawProperty lawIntellectual property

Question 4: ________, ed., 2007, Economics of Property Law.
Clarence ThomasCass SunsteinYale Law SchoolRichard Epstein

Question 5: In countries with personal ownership of real property, civil law protects the status in realty markets, where ________ work in realty selling real estate.
National Association of RealtorsReal estate trendsUnited StatesIndex of real estate articles

Question 6: In some other jurisdictions (not including the ________), real property is held absolutely.
United StatesAlaskaCanadaPhilippines

Question 7: with the rise of extractive industries, real property comes to encompass ________.
Natural environmentEcological economicsNatural capitalSustainability

Question 8: Land is an essential input (________) for agriculture, and agriculture is by far the most important economic activity in preindustrial societies.
Factors of productionEconomicsSchools of economic thoughtHuman capital

Question 9: One such relationship is the ________, where the owner of one property may enjoy the right to pass over a neighboring property.
Allodial titleTitle (property)EasementRiparian water rights

Question 10: Real property may be owned jointly with several tenants, through devices such as the ________, housing cooperative, and building cooperative.
CondominiumReal estateProperty lawAllodial title


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