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Question 1: Using these new features, however, required a new ________ that was specifically designed for it.
LinuxUnixOperating systemMac OS X

Question 2: 80186 CPUs and earlier, back to the original ________, have only one operational mode, which is equivalent to real mode in later chips.
Intel 8086Intel 8080Intel 8085Intel 8088

Question 3: The PC BIOS which IBM introduced operates in real mode, as do the ________ operating systems (MS-DOS, DR-DOS, etc.).
FreeDOSFile Allocation TableDOSCP/M

Question 4: The 286 architecture introduced ________, allowing for (among other things) hardware-level memory protection.
Operating systemOS/2Microsoft WindowsProtected mode

Question 5: Almost all modern x86 operating systems (Unix, ________, OS/2, Windows 95 and later, etc.) switch the CPU into protected mode at startup.
GNUOpenSolarisSCO-Linux controversiesLinux

Question 6: Early versions of ________ ran in real mode, until Windows 386, which ran in protected mode, and the more fully realized Windows 3.0, which could run in either real or protected mode.
DirectXMicrosoft WindowsInternet Information ServicesInternet Explorer

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