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Real Time Streaming Protocol: Quiz


Question 1: The RTSP server from RealNetworks, for example, also features ________' proprietary RDT stream transport.
RealNetworksNapster (pay service)ZuneNetflix

Question 2: Live555: Open source C++ server and client libraries used in well known clients like VLC and ________.
XBMCMPlayerFree Lossless Audio CodecVorbis

Question 3: ________: includes ffserver a GPL or LGPL RTSP streaming server
FFmpegVorbisVLC media playerQuickTime

Question 4: RTSP was developed by the Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Working Group (MMUSIC WG) of the ________ (IETF) and published as RFC 2326 in 1998.
Internet Engineering Task ForceRequest for CommentsInternet Architecture BoardInternet Engineering Steering Group

Question 5: Most RTSP servers use the ________ (RTP) for media stream delivery, however some vendors implement proprietary transport protocols.
Internet Relay ChatSession Initiation ProtocolReal-time Transport ProtocolRTP Control Protocol

Question 6: The RTSP protocol has similarities to ________, but RTSP adds new requests.
Internet Relay ChatSecure ShellHypertext Transfer ProtocolFile Transfer Protocol

Question 7: Helix DNA Server: ________' streaming server.
RealNetworksNetflixNapster (pay service)Zune

Question 8: ________ based RTSP Server and client
CompizAvahi (software)GStreamerHAL (software)

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