Real Irish Republican Army: Quiz

Question 1: [49][50] A second attack in Shepherd's Bush, the 4 March BBC bombing, injured a civilian outside the ________.
BBC Television CentreBBC Cymru WalesBBC English RegionsBBC News

Question 2:
What type is thing is Real Irish Republican Army?

Question 3: [87] On 9 August 2006 a number of fire bomb attacks by the RIRA hit businesses in Newry, ________.
Newcastle, County DownCrawfordsburnDownpatrickCounty Down

Question 4: The Real Irish Republican Army, otherwise known as the Real IRA (RIRA) and styling itself as Óglaigh na hÉireann (Volunteers of Ireland), is a paramilitary organisation which aims to bring about a ________.
Irish nationalismNorthern IrelandUnited IrelandIrish republicanism

Question 5: The organisation also attempts to kill members of the security forces using land mines, home-made mortars and ________, and targets England using incendiary and car bombs to spread terror and disruption.
TerrorismSuicide attackCar bombIslamic terrorism

Question 6:
When was Real Irish Republican Army formed?
November 1997
2 cars per trainset

Question 7: The organisation's first action was an attempted bombing in ________, County Down on 7 January 1998.
Bangor, County DownBanbridgeNewtownardsHolywood

Question 8: [96][97] On 25 September 2008 the RIRA shot a man in the neck in St Johnston, near the ________ border.

Question 9:
What is the leader of Real Irish Republican Army called?
Deputy Council Leader
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Question 10: [38] On 6 April a bomb attack took place at Ebrington Army Barracks in ________.

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