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Real-time computing: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, real-time computing (RTC), or "reactive computing", is the study of hardware and software systems that are subject to a "real-time constraint"—i.e., operational deadlines from event to system response.
Software engineeringComputer scienceProgramming paradigmComputer programming

Question 2: The needs of real-time software are often addressed in the context of ________, and synchronous programming languages, which provide frameworks on which to build real-time application software.
Real-time operating systemVxWorksOS-9QNX

Question 3: ________, especially, were often capable of simulating much faster than real-time, a situation that could be just as dangerous as a slow simulation if it were not also recognized and accounted for.
Astronomical clockAnalog computerAstrolabeAbu Rayhan Biruni

Question 4: The ________ on a car are a simple example of a real-time computing system — the real-time constraint in this system is the short time in which the brakes must be released to prevent the wheel from locking.
AutomobileFour-wheel driveBMWAnti-lock braking system

Question 5: For example, a car ________ control system is a hard real-time system because a delayed signal may cause engine failure or damage.
Stirling engineDiesel engineEngineJet engine

Question 6: The term real-time derives from its use in early ________.
Video game genresSimulationComputer simulationSocial sciences


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