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Question 1: Fascist single-party states were as centralised as most ________, and fascism's intense nationalism was not found in the period prior to the French Revolution.
Communist stateSocialist stateSocialism with Chinese characteristicsEast Germany

Question 2: The term originated in the ________, to denote the counter-revolutionaries who wanted to restore the real or imagined conditions of the monarchical Ancien Régime.
French DirectoryFrench RevolutionNational ConventionNational Constituent Assembly

Question 3: This time it was to be a ________, with an elected lower house of parliament, the Chamber of Deputies.
Constitutional monarchyDemocracyAbsolute monarchyRepublic

Question 4: Those labeled as reactionary favoured the aristocracy instead of the ________ and the working class.
Upper classSocial stratificationSocial classMiddle class

Question 5: So they came to the ________ fully prepared to press for the expansion of such practices in all provinces, to the legal limit.
National Assembly (French Revolution)French RevolutionEstates-General of 1789National Constituent Assembly

Question 6: In the nineteenth century, the term reactionism denoted those who wished to preserve ________ and aristocratic privilege against industrialism, republicanism, liberalism, and socialism.

Question 7: With the Congress of Vienna, the monarchs of Russia, Prussia, and Austria formed the Holy Alliance, a form of collective security against revolution and Bonapartism inspired by Tsar ________.
Alexander I of RussiaAlexander II of RussiaNicholas I of RussiaNicholas II of Russia

Question 8: The ________ gave the English language two politically descriptive words denoting anti-progressive politics: reactionary and conservative.
French RevolutionNational ConventionNational Constituent AssemblyFrench Directory

Question 9: On July 27, 1794 (9 Thermidor year II in the ________), Maximilien Robespierre's Reign of Terror was brought to an end.
Astronomical year numberingGregorian calendarFrench Republican CalendarChinese calendar

Question 10: In France, supporters of traditional rule by direct heirs of the ________ dynasty were labeled the legitimist reaction.
Capetian dynastyHouse of BonaparteHouse of HabsburgHouse of Bourbon

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