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Question 1: The background to the story is influenced by the existence of various historically real Nazi occult groups such as the ________.
AriosophyAdolf HitlerNational Socialism and OccultismThule Society

Question 2: She was portrayed by ________ in the first live action film, and by Natassia Malthe for its sequel.
Painkiller Jane (TV series)Michelle RodriguezUwe BollKristanna Loken

Question 3: [2] She has also made appearance in MTV's "Video Mods", which a music video portrayed her performing ________'s song "Everybody's Fool".
Fallen (Evanescence album)EvanescenceThe Open DoorAmy Lee

Question 4: She has also appeared in other formats, such as an ________ music video and the first entry in Playboy's "Gaming Grows Up" series of articles.

Question 5: Her search led her to ________, where she murdered Vampires before being apprehended.
BalkansWestern EuropeEuropeEastern Europe

Question 6: Rayne also learned of a plan to use ________ parasites called 'Daemites' against the enemies of the Nazis, after they had been tested on prisoners.
Christian demonologyUnclean spiritDemonologyDemon

Question 7: This wasn't cruelty, but a ________ for all of the dhampir he "created", possibly so that humans wouldn't revolt and use the vampire/dhampir weakness of the sun, holy items and water against them.
Policy studiesPolitical sciencePolicy analysisPolicy

Question 8: Rayne, sometimes called Agent BloodRayne, is a ________ in the BloodRayne series of video games.
SatirePoetryNovelCharacter (arts)

Question 9: Created by Majesco Entertainment, she is the series' titular protagonist, appearing in both games and later extended media, such as ________ and films related to the series.
Graphic novelComic bookComicsAmerican comic book

Question 10: The character's in-game movements were animated by hand for the first title, and in the sequel were augmented by ________ to "allow for more realist-looking movement".
Computer animationAnimationTraditional animationMotion capture

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