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Rawhide Kid: Quiz


Question 1: In fact, Blaze of Glory specifically retconned that the naively clean-cut Marvel Western stories of years past were merely ________ fictions of the characters' actual lives.
Dime novelPenny dreadfulBritish boys' magazinesGothic fiction

Question 2: Most of its covers were by highly acclaimed artists, generally either ________ or John Severin, but also Russ Heath and Fred Kida.
Atlas Comics (1950s)Marvel ComicsJoe ManeelyJack Kirby

Question 3: 1963) — remarkably, while helping to launch the ________, the Hulk and other iconic characters of the "Marvel revolution" — and drew covers through issue #47.
Fantastic FourStan LeeSilver SurferJack Kirby

Question 4: After a hiatus, the Rawhide Kid got revamped for the ramping-up Marvel by writer Stan Lee, legendary penciler ________ and inker Ayers.
Jack KirbyNamorThe Super Hero Squad ShowWolverine (comics)

Question 5: The Rawhide Kid (real name: Johnny Bart, originally given as Johnny Clay) is a fictional cowboy in ________' shared universe.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel StudiosMarvel AnimationMarvel Comics

Question 6: He and other Marvel western heroes have on rare occasions guest-starred through ________ in such contemporary titles as The Avengers and West Coast Avengers.
Time travelSpacetimeFutureCausality

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