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Raw image format: Quiz


Question 1: The availability of high-quality ________ software which decodes raw image formats, particularly dcraw, has helped to alleviate these concerns.
Free softwareLinuxOpen-source softwareOpen source

Question 2: ________ transformation – conversion from the internal working color space to the output color space (typically sRGB for JPEG)
Color spaceColor modelRGB color modelHSL and HSV

Question 3: Panasonic's raw converter corrects geometric distortion and ________ on such cameras as the LX3,[6][7][8] with necessary correction information presumably included in the raw.
Refracting telescopeOpticsLens (optics)Chromatic aberration

Question 4:
Which of the following genres does Raw image format produce?

Question 5: Picasa, a free image editing and cataloguing program from ________, can read and display many raw formats, but like iPhoto, Picasa provides only limited tools for processing the data in a raw file.
Google LatitudeGoogleAndroid (operating system)Google Variations

Question 6: Different ________ algorithms can be used, not just the one coded into the camera.
DemosaicingInterpolationDigital cameraRaw image format

Question 7: The ________ can be set to whatever is desired.
Color spaceColor modelRGB color modelHSL and HSV

Question 8: [13] While use of raw formats avoids the compression artifacts inherent in JPEG, fewer images can fit on a given ________.
Hard disk driveUSB flash driveUniversal Serial BusMemory card

Question 9: increasing ________ by unsharp masking
Visual acuityStrabismusColor blindnessPupil

Question 10: It can be used as a ________ plugin and is available for most operating systems.
GNU Compiler CollectionGNOMEGNUGIMP


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