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  • according to Ramayana adaptations, Mandodari – the wife of the ten-headed demon Ravana – was the mother of Sita, whose kidnapping by Ravana would lead to his doom?

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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Ravana have?
Emperor of Lanka
Member of Parliament for Edinburgh West
Lord of Pesaro

Question 2: Ravana was also an excellent ________ player and the sign of his flag had a picture of veena on it.
Telugu languageVeenaCarnatic musicRamayana

Question 3: In the PC Game ________, Ravana is a class of destroyer commissioned by the antagonist alien race.
FreeSpace 2Descent 3Descent: FreeSpace – The Great WarDescent II

Question 4: Ravana possessed a thorough knowledge of ________ and political science.
AyurvedaNaturopathyHerbalismAlternative medicine

Question 5: In the ________, Ravana and his brother, Kumbhakarna were said to be reincarnations of Jaya and Vijaya, gatekeepers at Vaikuntha, the abode of Vishnu and were cursed to be born in Earth for their insolence.
Agni PuranaBhagavata PuranaBhagavad GitaGaruda Purana

Question 6: Ravana is said to have married Princess Mandodari at a place about 32 kilometers away from ________, which is now called Mandor.

Question 7: Ravana has been depicted as a cybernetic being possessing great powers in the Virgin Comics series ________.
JanakaDasharathaRamayan 3392 A.D.Bharata (Ramayana)

Question 8: He protected the northern kingdom of Lanka in the mainland and his kingdom bordered with the Kosala Kingdom, the kingdom of ________.

Question 9: Vedavati had been performing penance with the intention of winning Lord ________ as her husband.
VishnuAvatarKrishnaVishnu sahasranama

Question 10: Ravana was born to his father, a ________ sage known as Vishrava, and his wife, the daitya princess Kaikesi.
Uttar PradeshBhumiharBiharBrahmin


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