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Question 1: He is capable of masking himself from many forms of detection: he walks without a sound, becomes virtually invisible in subdued light or shadow, and he can shield his internal ________ from monitoring devices.
Classical electromagnetismMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetic radiationElectromagnetism

Question 2: Ravage also appeared in the ________/Transformers crossover from Dreamwave.
G.I. Joe: Sigma 6G.I. JoeG.I. Joe (comics)Cobra Commander

Question 3: Unfortunately for Ravage, the Autobot known as Overdrive was aware of the space/time disturbances caused by his tinkering with future events, and teamed up with ________ to capture Ravage and draw out his full plan.
IronhideJazz (Transformers)WheeljackBumblebee (Transformers)

Question 4: Battle Ravage's drones attacked ________ until they were routed by an Autobot counter-attack and a vengeful Megatron.

Question 5: Cliffjumper, Crasher, Frenzy, Heatwave, Ravage and Soundwave are sent on a mission to ________ to stop the Autobots from controlling the GODS defense system.
Dr. Strangelove2001: A Space Odyssey (film)A Clockwork Orange (film)Stanley Kubrick

Question 6: In "Primeval Dawn", an unfinished comic book published exclusively for the ________ convention, Ravage's spark was somehow recovered.
Optimus Prime (Transformers)BotConThe Transformers (TV series)Transformers: Universe

Question 7: Oddly, in the ________ Autobots' Lightning Strike and Autobots Fight Back, Ravage is referred to as a hound.
Advanced Audio CodingAudiobookMP3Digital rights management

Question 8: Later, through Unicron's power, he and the other Terrorcons were multiplied into a vast army of cloned drones under the originals' command (much like the Vehicon Generals in ________).
Beast MachinesTransformers: UniverseBotConBeast Wars: Transformers

Question 9: Alongside Ratbat, Steeljaw and Ramhorn, Ravage was defeated and had his energy drained by Tornedron in the form of a tiger, but was later restored when ________ defeated the monster.
Soundwave (Transformers)Prowl (Transformers)GrimlockThe Transformers (TV series)

Question 10: Not in possession of a conventional humanoid form, Ravage's robot mode resembles an Earth ________.
JaguarGiant OtterCougarOcelot


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